Composite Decks in Ancaster

Composite Options in Ancaster

If you’re looking for a modern and efficient option for your decking needs, composite is the material for you. A traditionalist will likely lean towards a wood deck. It’s less expensive, but also extremely susceptible to damage. If you want a wood deck to last its maximum lifespan of 40 years, you will need to be on top of regular maintenance. Generally, you’ll be looking at 10 to 15 years though.

With a composite deck, you get an extension of 25 to 30 years, as well as the peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with mold or rot.

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Composite vs. Wood Decks

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we recommend composite decking for many reasons, but of course there are pros and cons for any decking choice. Building a deck should make your home stand out in your Ancaster neighborhood, so you’ll want to pick the option that speaks most to you personally.

A Popular Choice

In a recent survey, it was determined 57% of those building a deck chose composite.

Less Vulnerable

Being made of multiple materials, processed to create one board, composite decks are not vulnerable to mold, rot, pests or most weather damage!

However, they still can get scratches and fade, and if you drop a heavy object on a composite deck and ding it you can’t easily sand it out.


One of the best reasons to purchase composite. Made of 95% recycled material, composite is undoubtedly the primary eco-friendly option.

Custom Colors

Sure you can stain wood decks, but why not get a composite deck that is colored through and through from the start? If “out there” colors are what you’re interested in, you can get that with composite.

Tech Options

A manufactured material, composite decking can be made hollow for ease of wiring on your deck for lighting and entertainment systems!


On average, a composite deck will cost you $35/square foot. Compared to the cheaper woods like cedar, you will be investing quite a bit more. However, taking into consideration the cost of maintenance, you will be saving in the long run.


Composite decks absorb sun better than a wood deck. Especially if you choose a darker color, you could be in for some discomfort on a hot day.

Composite Varieties

Within the composite family, there are multiple varieties to choose from —over 50! Wood composites are made of plastic and wood fibers but are splinter-free. Capped wood composites have the look and feel of real lumber but feature a plastic core. Finally, capped polymers have an enhanced real-wood look with “armor” to give it the highest performance of the composites.

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We’ve had the pleasure of building many a deck in Ancaster, as shown by our profile of completed jobs. No matter what style of deck you’re hoping for, we can create a custom design molded to your backyard. Should you choose a custom deck, no one else out there will have a deck quite like yours!

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