Concrete Sealing in Ancaster

Concrete Sealing in Ancaster

Patios have been proven to add curb appeal to your home, boosting its resale value and simply making it look like the best house on the block! Concrete patios are one of the more unique options due to their versatility. At Decks, Fences, And Posts we love creating these patios because they can be any shape, color, or texture. Concrete can imitate any other kind of stone or look like something unearthly depending on what you’re aiming for. Our Ancaster clients have made our portfolio diverse with their unique ideas.

However, unlike raw stone, concrete should be sealed to keep it looking its best. Whenever we install a concrete patio, this is the final step we perform and it’s not one that should be skipped.

Unique Concrete, Unique Sealer

After concrete is poured, it is dried and sealed. Sealer helps with the curing process, prevents damage, corrosion, staining, and even enhances the concrete. Cracking is a big concern with concrete patios, especially in freeze-thaw regions. Think you’re in a warmer climate and immune? Think again! All of New Mexico is a freeze-thaw region, so it’s best to double check when starting your build.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers do just this—they penetrate and react chemically with the concrete to protect against moisture. They are used on exterior surfaces and do not change the outward appearance of your patio. Penetrating sealers are non-yellowing and breathable!

Acrylic Sealers

A water or solvent based sealer, acrylic does not penetrate, but creates a thin protective film on the patio surface. This can be used indoors or outdoors and dries quickly, in a range of sheens. If you choose solvent based, it will provide better color enhancement for stamped or acid stained projects.


Also available in water or solvent based formulas, they go on much thicker than acrylic sealer. This thickness makes the patios it’s applied to more resistant to scuffs, staining and even chemical abrasion. Do not let it come in contact with water until it is fully cured.


Epoxies also provide exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance. Like other epoxies, this sealer is mixed from two parts. It is available clear but can also be pigmented! The finish is glossy, but vulnerable to yellowing from UV exposure.

Most sealers are available in a water or solvent base. Water-based sealants are rising in popularity due to being environmentally friendly. However, they are sensitive to the elements before they are cured. Never apply them on a humid day!

Ancaster Patios That Last

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we’re in the business of pouring concrete patios that stand the test of time. When you hire us for your project, don’t say no to the application of a sealer. For a small fee, you will be saving yourself the expense of repairs down the line.

Don’t let your beautiful new patio face exposure to the damaging elements, or get stained and dinged up from daily use. Give us a call and we’ll build a well-sealed patio, or clean and seal your existing patio!