Wooden Deck Construction in Ancaster

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A deck is a great addition to any home that has the yard space. Even a small one can be created with levels to add depth and entertainment space to your property. We love seeing Ancaster yards being pulled together by a clever and well-built deck design made to withstand years of use and survive the elements.

A wooden deck is the most classic option for a deck. It’s tried and true and just as effective as any other material. Your new wooden deck can appear rustic, or modern and be built to flow with any kind of yard, encompassing extra features like hot tubs and pools! Once finished properly and with regular maintenance, your deck will have a lengthy lifespan.

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Benefits of a Wood Deck

There are three materials to consider when building a new deck: wood, vinyl, and composite. Deciding between the three can be difficult. But consider the following:


While vinyl decking is made to be affordable, it does not have the staying power that a wood deck does. Vinyl cleaners will rack up as an expense over the years, and a shortened lifespan means you will be paying for an overhaul sooner than you may like.


If you use salvaged lumber, you won’t just be recycling, you will be getting an added dose of character, especially if you know the history of the building this lumber is originally from!


In terms of durability, wood decks are superior by far. Harder woods can last up to 40 years when maintained properly!

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel, and loves a classic, rustic look, then a wood deck is the right choice for you.

Unlimited Design Options

While it’s a classic, wooden decks won’t hold you back in any way when it comes to deck designs.


One of the simpler deck designs, a platform is built sometimes as one level, or as multiple steps depending on the height of your patio door.


Raised decking is your most basic deck; similar to a platform but with stairs leading up. Raised decking is also used on higher floors, not just the main level.


A beautiful and impressive addition to any home, the two-story deck is connected from your back yard up to a balcony on the second level of your home!


Not to be confused with the two-story, this deck flows throughout your yard at different levels, in different shapes and can provide multiple entertainment “zones”.


Freestanding decks are built detached from a house and are a great base for pergolas, or simply to add as a design element in landscaping further from the house.

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