Cleaning, Staining, Sealing in Dundas

Make Your Deck Last

So, you’ve made the decision to build a deck on to your home. It’s a great investment! It will raise the value of your home, and you’ll be able to enjoy your home so much more.

Or maybe you’ve purchased a home that’s perfect, but has a deck that’s a little on the aged side.

In both these cases, it’s important to clean and then stain or seal your deck.

Every Dundas deck we’ve created has been put together with the utmost care. Every yard is unique and the process begins with defining the best type of deck for your yard. We’re sure that you want this finished work to last just as long as we hope it does!

Stain vs. Sealer

All decks, whether made of wood or composite material, require stain or sealer. What’s the difference between the two, though?

Deck Stain

Staining a deck protects it from sun and moisture damage. It also prevents cracking caused by weather. Stains in fact protect from more elements than sealers, but they change the appearance of the wood. Because of this, some people choose a sealer instead to retain the original wood color and grain.

Deck Sealer

Sealers maintain the original color and grain of your wooden or composite deck; however, it mostly prevents moisture damage as opposed to cracking. The best way to determine if you need to re-seal a previously sealed deck, is by sprinkling water on it. If it beads up, your sealer is still effective.

Especially if you’re planning to use your deck for multiple purposes it is a good plan to stain and/or seal. Barbecuing in the warm Dundas weather? Grease splash-back is going to be a lot more damaging on raw wood.

Another type of sealer you can consider if you don’t mind about losing the wood’s appearance more, is paint. It requires less maintenance but is prone to peeling and flaking so if you’re looking for a color tint, we’d recommend a stain instead.

Maintain Your Deck

Staining, sealing and painting a properly cleaned and sanded deck is what makes decks one of the longest lasting home renovations out there.

Like any other city, Dundas goes through a variety of weather conditions. If the constructed deck is left raw it will still last years, but it will not stay in the best condition and you will need to eventually need to perform pricier maintenance.

Believe it or not, design will affect the lifespan of your deck. When you hire Decks, Fences, And Posts, you are paying for our team’s experience to create the best deck for your yard.

Employing a professional contractor, keeping your deck clean, applying stain or sealer—these are a few of the things you can do to help your deck last for years. In terms of numbers, this could be a staggering 25 years!

Give us a call today and we can give you a free quote for your decking project.