Composite Decks in Dundas

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Previously seen as a luxury, composite decking is increasingly becoming the popular option for any size and style of deck you can imagine. With 57% of US homeowners choosing this eco-friendly option, it’s a great demographic to be a part of.

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we take composite deck design seriously. It’s a product we believe in and we love showing clients how much they can believe in it too!

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The Eco-Friendly Choice

Introduced in the ‘90s by Trex, composite decking practices being responsible environmentally, and socially. The manufacturing process is eco-friendly, and the product itself is made of recycled wood and recycled plastic film. Using reclaimed wood, a tree is never cut down to produce composite. This combination of heated woods and plastics forms an enduring material perfect for high-traffic areas like decks, that are also at the mercy of the elements.

Dundas has a varied climate, so make the choice for the decking that will last the longest!

If you are stuck on wood, cedar is an option for durability and resistance to outside forces, just make sure to purchase materials certified by a forest certification program. But why go to that trouble?

Imagine decking that doesn’t break the bank, sustains over the years, has endless options for customization and can’t develop wood rot—that is composite decking.

Don’t Break the Bank

What do we mean when we say composite decking won’t break the bank? If you’ve been doing your research, you’ll have seen that the average cost of this material is $35/square foot. Compared to some $8/square foot wood materials, that seems like quite the leap. But consider this—composite decking is resistant to mold, wood rot, pests, and weather damage. Sure, it can take a couple scratches and dents but they’re increasingly rare when using materials one can bond to composite for extra protection.

In Dundas, a wood deck will generally last 10 to 15 years with regular upkeep. But a composite deck lasts a whopping 20 to 25 years and even longer than that!

Care and Maintenance

Yes, a composite deck will cost a little more up-front. But, the maintenance involved is minimal in comparison to that of a wooden deck. Wood decks will experience peeling paints and stains, warped wood and painful slivers!

Composite decks can be washed gently with a hose to remove dirt and debris. To fix staining, just apply a brightener. Mildew can eventually feed on the film applied to this decking, but it’s easy to spot and spray off. Always be sure to remove oil and food stains as quickly as possible so they don’t create a lasting impression.

When it’s described, it sounds like keeping your counters clean more than keeping a deck in prime condition, doesn’t it?

Dedication to Innovation

Once looked at as a strange new luxury product, composite decking has risen through the ranks to become a leader in the industry. With it’s eco-friendly properties, easy maintenance, and long lifespan, it’s the clear choice for all your decking needs.

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