Patio Repair and Restoration Dundas

Like-New Dundas Patios

At Decks, Fences, And Posts, we pride ourselves in being able to restore a damaged patio to its original glory. No matter what the situation, if you haven’t had the time to perform proper maintenance, if an accident occurred, or you inherited an old patio—we can fix it up so it looks brand new.

Patio fixes tend to be fast and affordable. But they are still not something you should embark on without professionals. We have the experience to get a job done properly and so you don’t find yourself re-doing it a couple years down the line. Not to mention, if we mess up? It’s on us, not you! We are confident enough in our work to promise any mistakes are under our warranty.

Quality Fixes—Fast

No matter what patio style we’re dealing with, Decks, Fences, And Posts is capable of applying simple and long-lasting fixes that will brighten up your yard.


Concrete can be patched and leveled with more concrete. After a power washing, we’ll carefully apply a concrete mix and smooth it out over problem areas. If you’re interested in resurfacing, we can do that too! The process can add color and patterns to your patio.


Mortar is used in flagstone installation. This mortar can crack over the years, allowing weeds to grow up between the stones. We will chisel the old mortar out and replace it. Just like new!


When bricks crack, they’ll have to be replaced. We’ll pry out any damaged bricks, and match the new ones to them. They’ll be placed properly and tapped down with a rubber mallet.


The problem you’ll run into with pavers is sinkage. If your pavers are sunken or dipped, we can re-set them at the proper height. We’ll remove the old pavers, apply a proper foundation and place them back in.

Gravel patios don’t require the classic definition of repair. They can lose stones over time though. Do your best not to kick them out of the perimeter when using the patio and you should be just fine! Should you lose stones, get in touch and we can get you the materials you need to fill your patio up again.

Don’t let your patio fall into disrepair. There are many benefits to having a patio in Dundas that is not limited to the added value of your home. Patios increase your enjoyment of all seasons.

A Better Summer

Make a small investment in patio repair, and enjoy your Dundas summer that much more. Relax on your own with a cocktail and a book, or have your family and friends over for the best barbecue on the block!

Patios are a great addition to any property and as a homeowner, why not afford yourself the indulgence? It only takes a few minutes to call us and book an appointment for your patio repair. Speed and quality is our promise to you!