Patios in Dundas

A Better Dundas Summer

Patio season will soon be upon us so why not opt for your very own personal patio, without the hassle of leaving your home? Adding a patio to your home will increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space, as well as your home’s value—and even save you yard maintenance costs.

Transform your Dundas backyard so that it more reflects your personal style. With hundreds of combinations and options when it comes to color and style, the look of your patio is entirely up to you. Love entertaining in your home? A patio will add the extra dimension you never knew you needed.

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Patios vs. Decking

The other clear option that can provide a similar service is of course decking. While it comes down to personal preference and budget, patios certainly have their advantages, and many of our Dundas clients have been pleased in their decision to build one.


Patios are by far the most cost-effective option. The most expensive patio material can cost $28 per square foot, whereas the average price you will spend on decking is $30 per square foot.

Easy Maintenance

Being made of durable stone, set into the ground, patios are easy to maintain. They’re not going to get mold damage or rot. Spray them down to clean them and you’re all set.


Patios are lower to the ground, meaning an increase in privacy. Enjoy your get-togethers without any nosy neighbors joining in.


As they’re not as susceptible to damage, patios have incredibly long lifespans.

No Permits

Patios won’t require the permit a deck requires to be built, since they’re not exactly a structure.

Of course, patios can have their downfalls as well. You’ll have trouble building one on uneven ground, they’re easier to slip on when wet, and involve a more complicated construction process. But in the long-run, we at Decks, Fences, And Posts feel the benefits strongly outweigh the losses.

The Construction Process

While a patio build can be more complicated, due to the direct ground contact (rather than just building a frame and filling it in with boards), the process can be outlined simply.

  • Conveniently located in Dundas, after your initial phone call, we will visit your home to plot out patio plans and give you a free quote.
  • On the day of construction, we’ll outline the patio and remove any sod within that perimeter.
  • Landscaping fabric will then be put down, followed by a gravel and sand base.
  • The stones of your choice will be placed. With our years of experience, Decks, Fences, And Posts is capable of doing this much faster than a DIY-er would. The stone laying process can otherwise quite complicated.
  • If you’re using stones with gaps between them, more sand will then be placed to fill in these gaps.

When complete, all we need is your thumbs up and the patio is yours to enjoy!

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