Wooden Deck Repair in Dundas

Dundas Deck Repair Contractors

Wood deck restoration is our passion. Through shared years of experience, our Decks, Fences, And Posts family has gained the knowledge required to do the best job in repairing your deck so that it lasts as long as you’re living in your home, or even longer. A deck is a point of pride on a home. It’s a location for entertaining friends and family, it makes a home look stately, and this curb appeal raises your home’s value. But, as beautiful as a shiny new functional deck can look, a deck in disrepair is very unappealing.

There are steps you can and should take as a homeowner in Dundas to keep your deck in peak condition, but sometimes the factor of age rules over maintenance and you’re going to need to have your deck repaired.

Minor Repairs

If a deck is cleaned and re-stained as it should be, you’re likely to experience only the need for minor repairs. These can be the removal of mold or pests, securing of nails that are popping out, and other tightening of support components so you don’t have wobbly steps and/or railings.

Minor repairs come at a minimal cost, and at Decks, Fences, And Posts we can get them done in a flash.

Major Repairs

Whether you’ve just bought a new home with a crumbling deck, or you’ve just not found the time over the years to do the proper upkeep, sometimes major repairs are required.

A new deck can cost between $4,000 and $10,000 so you’ll be happy to know that repairs— even major ones—will only cost about half that.

Sagging Deck

If the original contractor who built your deck took shortcuts, you could wind up experiencing a sagging deck. If the foundation was made to sit on top of the soil, it will shift with the regular weight put on the deck.

The fix for a sagging deck is simple with the right tools. It’s not something you want to do yourself, as the entire structure of your deck depends on it. We will bring a system to jack your deck up with, and add the required patio slabs and spacers to level out your deck.

Best of all, it will never sag again!

Wood Rot

Not a fun thing to deal with, wood rot is something that wooden decks can suffer from. This is another task you definitely don’t want to try on your own. As professionals, we can spot wood rot faster than most and find areas that are suffering away from the most noticeable zones.

By removing nails from damaged wood, inspecting joists, removing the rotted portions and re-sealing, the rot will be gone quickly, with surgical precision.

Dedicated Professionals

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we are dedicated to serving our Dundas clients. Decks can be such a wonderful addition to any home that has the space, and it’s a shame to see one fall into disrepair.

For a great price, you can get your deck back to its original splendor and start using it again. Call us today for a free quote!