Composite Deck Repair and Maintenance in Hamilton

Composite Deck Repair in Hamilton

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we highly recommend composite decks. They’re eco-friendly, customizable and incredibly long-lasting. When compared to wooden decks they can last 25 to 30 years longer and don’t require power washing and resealing every two to three years! However, all decks are subject to wear and tear and composite decks are no exception.

To show how confident manufacturers are, most composite decking materials in Hamilton come with warranty lasting 25 years. Decks, especially composite ones, are an investment that you want to keep looking its best as long as possible.

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Maintaining Your Composite Deck

Upon purchasing a wood deck, there are clear costs set out in the future to consider. On average, it costs between $1 and $1.50 per square foot to power wash, stain and seal your wood deck every two years. Unless you plan on letting your deck fall into disrepair, this is not a debatable option, it’s necessary.

When it comes to composite decks, it’s really all about keeping them clean. Think of your deck like a countertop: it’s used often, can get food and oils on it often, and occasionally suffers a few scratches and dents along the way. But when you scrub it properly it looks just like new.

Keep sharp objects like metal shovels away from your deck, and clean up any spills quickly so they don’t stain. Try not to use a power washer on your composite deck, and if you need to, exercise caution and use a very low setting.

So, instead of putting aside all that time to reseal every two years, it is instead recommended that you just give your deck a good washing twice a year. Sounds like a lot less effort, right?

Remember these tips and you’ll have a beautiful deck for decades that stands out in its Hamilton neighborhood.

Repairing Your Composite Deck

Maybe you’re past your warranty, or an accident has occurred. If you need to perform major repairs on your deck, it is best to contact professionals like Decks, Fences, And Posts. As hardy as they are, composite decks also have a level of delicacy about them that should be approached with experience.

There’s a lengthy list of products that can’t be used on a composite desk; for example, acetone. Also as previously mentioned power washers must be used with caution. While most small scratches and scrapes blend into composite surfaces and wear away over time, if they are deeper you may be looking at a board replacement. This can cost between $20 to $50 per square foot.

Keeping Your Deck in the Best Condition

At Decks, Fences, And Posts we hate seeing your deck falling into disrepair as much as you do. As long as you keep on top of any damage and get it dealt with sooner rather than later you won’t have to worry about paying for a large fix.

For detail-oriented builders in Hamilton, think Decks, Fences, And Posts and give us a call today.