Patio Repair and Restoration Hamilton

Restoring Your Hamilton Patio

When you invest in a patio, the last thing you want to see is that investment going to waste. There are a variety of patios, and with that, a variety of potential repairs you could be looking at down the line.

With proper installation, a patio, no matter what type, should last a minimum of 25 years. But accidents do happen, sometimes clients can’t find the time for maintenance, and those 25 years pass, leaving a patio that’s a little worse for wear.

Our clients across Hamilton love their patios and we’re proud of our builds. Whether we installed your patio or not, we believe your patio should retain the condition you’ve come to enjoy it in.

Give Your Patio New Life

So, you’ve let your patio lapse. Or you purchased a previously owned home that came with a project patio. Some may choose to embrace a dilapidated look, but at Decks, Fences, And Posts we believe a patio should maintain the fresh look it started out with.

No job is too major—even if your patio is made of natural stone almost entirely covered with grass growth, we can fix it.


The obvious issue that can crop up with a gravel patio is simply a loss of the material it was originally filled with. If your gravel patio is thinning, get in touch and we’ll fill it out for you, and even clean up your yard a little if there was spreading.


Bricks are a porous material making them susceptible to cracking. When you hire Decks, Fences, And Posts to fix your brick patio, we can repair or replace them, whichever is more pertinent.


Pavers are a great material for patios. They come in the most variety and are easy to install. However, they are prone to sinking. To fix this, we remove old stones and enforce their foundation.


Flagstone is also prone to sinking, but also shifting. Because there is a space between each stone, the elements can wear this away, and you may start to notice the shape of your patio changing. Plants and mold also like to grow between stones.


Concrete patios can stain and sink over time so they become uneven and discolored. Freshen your concrete patio up with a new pour and maybe even some staining or stamping to make it even better than before!

It doesn’t matter what the material is. Fixing your Hamilton patio is important to us and at Decks, Fences, And Posts we are well equipped and experienced enough to execute any repair quickly.

On Your Timeline – Call Today

Repairs shouldn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive process. When you hire our team at Decks, Fences, And Posts, you won’t be over-spending or waiting around. From the initial phone call, your repair could be fully complete within a matter of days.

If you’re waiting around to repair your patio, it’s time to pick up the phone and let us do the work so you can enjoy your outdoor space properly once again.